People are often confused the terms managed and umanaged, so let’s quickly clarify these for the sake of this article.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting refers to hosting where the host manages the customer’s server & offers extended customer support in regards to the customer’s hosting package. This support will usually allow a customer to request managed changes to their server such as a change in PHP version, an upgrade of an Apache module, creation of an FTP account, and other modifications in hardware or software.

Unmanaged Hosting

An unmanaged server is a server that is not interfered with by the host in any way, shape or form. The host will usually offer customer support for server-specific related issues, but you will be required to manage and resolve any other issues that may arise with your, for example, FTP account, emails, website, ect.


7 Reasons

Saving Money

One of the biggest benefits of opting for an unmanaged hosting solution is the amount of money you will save. Many managed hosting companies try to offset the labor costs they will have to pay out to their staff by raising the prices on their managed packages. This can have the negative effect of you essentially paying a high price for customer services you may rarely use, much like car insurance. You may go months without requiring managed assistance from your hosts, while paying the managed rate. By opting for an unmanaged hosting solution you can pay the bare minimum and only pay for support from entities or freelancers that offer it when you are unable to do it yourself.



Imagine something goes wrong and you reach out to your managed hosting provider. They answer the ticket with a thank you message asking for more information. May be right away, may be hours or days later. You reply, they reply, you reply, they reply. They may get the problem solved, they may not, but one thing is for certain – time is flying by. Eventually they get to the bottom of the problem, which ends up being a simple tweak, taking them a few seconds to perform.

What if you knew how to do this yourself? surely remembering a few seconds of steps can’t be that hard right? Right! By opting for an unmanaged solution you will learn how to manage your own website or application yourself, without relying on others who may not be competant, quick, or available to fulfill your support requests.