These days if you're doing anything substantial on the web you likely have some sort of a virtual private server, web hosting/website, file storage, or other web related service in your arsenal. Arguably the biggest concern for you in relation to these services in 2020 is their security & your privacy.  We live in societies where we are constantly spied on and our private information is sold to 3rd parties by the entities we give them to or are hacked by, neither with our consent. How often have you received a notice that your private information appeared in a "data breach" and you had to change your passwords?  If you use the web as much as we do, probably a lot.

Take Xitheon for example, we do not collect any private information apart from an e-mail address, which is only possible thanks to bitcoin. We do not need to collect any private information to verify your credit card details. This automatically protects you by ensuring that we are unable to sell your information to 3rd parties as we have no idea who or what you are, and it also removes any value for a hacker to target us for information as we have none.  The first thing a hacker or investigator will do before attacking a target is research, however if the only association is a bitcoin & e-mail address there is next to nothing to go on, even if we were to be successfully hacked and our minimal database were to be leaked there would be nothing associating it's contents with you. 


Benefits of running a VPS with a bitcoin payment

Customer does not share their name, address, date of birth, credit card or other personal information

Customer has no link to the VPS apart from the email address & bitcoin address used for setup

Customer has proof of payment by way of blockchain transaction records

Customers from anywhere in the globe can process a payment without restrictions & with understanding of the currency exchange rate

Customer can pay from multiple bitcoin wallet addresses without having to update or verify any "payment information"

Merchant can instantly & automatically approve customer's VPS orders upon payment due to 0 credit card fraud or chargeback liability


Imagine some criminal is trying to uncover information about you. Maybe they suspect you have a server here at Xitheon. Imagine they manage to get in and they know your full name and all of your private information, how is any of that going to help them discover which server is yours? It won't, there is link with none of that private information they have to the server you own here. Your bitcoin address was something like 1CRKoJxc9cpvhmM8JKpmzysfFnrwkbBAEK and the new email you created just for this service was something like "[email protected]", details that the criminals do not have if you are mindful of your personal security. Now obviously I am not saying that bitcoin will make your server security bullet proof, however what I am saying is that it will greatly reduce the surface area of an attack. Anyone can rob a bank, but you have to know it's address first!

Not having to verify your identity to process your payment also means that new virtual private server orders can be processed much faster, despite the currently "slow" bitcoin blockchain transaction times. A first time customer can launch a vps server in under 2 minutes depending on bitcoin network congestion, from the moment they land on the page. There is no time wasted filling out long forms and no need to click any activation links by e-mail. All thanks to the bitcoin. The power of a bitcoin transaction extends beyond it's monetary value, it's privacy value far exceeds the financial power the cryptocurrency wields.

And then there is just the plain old convenience of paying with bitcoin.


Now I know a few of you are ready to respond with something along the lines of "well bitcoin transactions can also be traced back to the senders!" or something, and while that may be true point is that currently bitcoin is and will likely remain one of safest and most anonymous means on the "spectrum" of anonimity. I say spectrum because anonymous isn't 0 or 1, yes or no, it is a spectrum with varying degrees of concealment. I may be anonymous to you, you may be anonymous to me, but perhaps neither of us are anonymous to the CIA, who have already acquired tools used to track chained bitcoin transactions and connect them to their origin. That's not to say they can trace and identify everyone and everybody, they can't.


Saturday, February 15, 2020

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