Terms of Service

By utilizing xitheon.com and it's sub-domains and any content hosted there in, you are agreeing to the following terms of service and acknowledge that you understand them


DMCA & Infringement Claim Defense

xitheon.com will protect you from DMCA take down notices and infringement claims made against you by 3rd parties or by a court of competent jurisdiction or agreed to in settlement with regards to content hosted on your xitheon.com vps server as long as you  promptly provide xitheon.com with notice of any infringement claim or DMCA take down notification made against you. We will fiercely fight any and all claims against you and challenge their validity using every tool and resource at our disposal providing you keep us informed on and share information about any claims made in communications directly to you.


Terms of Service

  1. You take ownership of and are responsible for all content that has existed or still exists on your server.
  2. You will abide by all laws that regulate services in the country you chose for your server(s).
  3. You are responsible for managing your server,  xitheon.com will not offer support for services except in the cases of network failure, refunds or other issues specifically related to our offerings.
  4. You will not utilize xitheon.com or it's sub-domain services to engage in illicit activities including, but not limited to,  terrorism, the spread of virus & malware, DDoS attacks, the hosting or storing of child pornography or the spread of geopolitical disinformation or cultural subversion,  and all varieties of psychological warfare. 
  5. You will not utilize xitheon.com services or it's sub-domains to engage in activities damaging to cryptocurrencies.
  6. You understand that we reserve the right to terminate your services at any time for breaching our terms of service or legitimate law enforcement inquiries only where we are obligated to respond by law.
  7. You understand that refunds are only approved at our discretion, we only refund in bitcoin or account credit, no USD transactions.
  8. You accept that we will not provide any compensation or refunds if we were to be hacked, or banned by our oracalized parents.
  9. You accept that we are not responsible data loss, you are responsible for maintaining backups of your files.

We are offering the public the benefit of the doubt in laying out our terms of service in the most simplest wording possible, and request that this not be taken advantage of.

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