How to buy a VPS with bitcoin

If you were searching the internet for how to buy a vps with bitcoin or bitcoin vps providers that accept bitcoin payments, buing a vps without a credit card or vps providers that do not require ID, you came to the right place. This article covers how to buy a Windows or Linux virtual private server using only an e-mail address and your bitcoin wallet.

Step 1.) Select your Bitcoin VPS

Head over to the Bitcoin VPS price list (, where you will find a list of vps packages offered and their price in bitcoin. Find the vps package best suitable for your needs and click on "Launch Server" as shown in the image below.


Step 1.) Select your Bitcoin VPS


Step 2.) Choose your configuration settings

After clicking the "Launch Server" button of your desired bitcoin VPS package you will be directed to it's settings page where you can choose your desired geo-location, operating system (windows & linux based systems available), storage options and control panel feature.


Step 2.) Choose your configuration settings


The SSH Key is optional and is the public key that will be authorized to connect to your VPS server on the first login. If you leave this field blank xitheon will generate a root password for you and send it to you. Please see the image below on how an ssh key generated in putty's generator was added to the vps order configuration.


Setting up SSH Key on Xitheon


Once you are ready, click the green "Prepare Server" button.


Step 3.) Pay for vps with bitcoin

After clicking on the "Prepare Server" button on the configuration screen from Step 2 you will be presented with a generated bitcoin address and amount to make the payment to. You may optionally scan the QR code in your favorite wallet app as well, as shown in the screenshot below. Once you make a payment the page will automatically update with the confirmations detected until the transaction is verified on the blockchain, after which you will be able to use your new vps server.


Pay for vps with bitcoin


And that's it, we have just launched an anonymous bitcoin vps using only an e-mail address and a bitcoin payment. 

Salute to the shapers of the new world,

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