3 anonymous hosting providers that accept bitcoin

There are a group of forward thinking individuals in the new world who are searching for vps providers that accept bitcoin for privacy or anonimity, this article covers a few of our favorite vps hosts that take bitcoin payments and aims to reach those individuals. Xitheon is an instant anonymous vps provider that accepts bitcoin payments. And we aren't the only one of our nature.  This article covers 3 vps providers that accept bitcoin.

1.) SporeStack - https://sporestack.com/

Established in 2017, SporeStack offers accountless API driven vps hosting, severals packages with servers lasting between 1 to 28 days. Focused on anonymity, SporeStack offers users the option of operating over clear net or the tor network (service reached only through .onion), and accepts payment through bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin SV, monero & it's settlement token. Its developer is a highly driven individual who is passionate about his work beyond just it's usability.

1.) SporeStack

2.) libertyVPS - https://libertyvps.net/

LibertyVPS focuses on offering privacy based vps hosting located in the Netherlands. Their website states they have on site staff and ensure full confidentiality with your purchase. LibertyVPS offers windows & linux systems and an incentive filled affiliate program. They accept various payment methods including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, paypal, payoneer.

2.) libertyVPS

3.) bitVPS - https://bitvps.com/

Arguably a clone of SporeStack, bitVPS offers multiple vps packages ranging from 1 to 4 virtual cores and user choice of ram. Unlike SporeStack, bitVPS does not allow users to operate over the tor network out of the box.

3.) bitVPS

There are a variety of hosting providers that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments out there, these are some of the noteworthy.  This list will be periodically maintained and updated as the universe moves us into the future.

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