Buy anonymous VPS servers & web hosting with Bitcoin.

Instantly launch an anonymous virtual private server (VPS), VPN, or web hosting plan with a bitcoin payment. Windows & Linux (RDP/KVM) systems available globally with unlimited traffic, DDoS protection & web panel included. Perfect for hosting web sites, applications and remote desktops.

Xitheon is a privacy focused hosting provider that accepts bitcoin.

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Anonymous Hosting

Protect your privacy with an anonymous VPS server that does not require an ID card or other private information to launch, all you need is a bitcoin wallet and an e-mail address.



Instant VPS servers are created and launched automatically upon your order, allowing you to quickly deploy your website, application or VPN. Get online in as little as 60 seconds.


Bullet Proof

DDoS protected VPS servers built to protect you against robust forms of DDoS attacks and network related threats to ensure you stay online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Bitcoin crypto-currency for your privacy web hosting solution.

Xitheon accepts bitcoin in exchange for web hosting services. Paying for your virtual private servers and web hosting plans with bitcoin protects your privacy & security while allowing us to automate our infrastructure. It is the only form of value we currently accept in exchange for service.

Servers are deployed instantly from funded accounts, or after blockchain confirmation for non-funded accounts. Read more about funding accounts here.


Low Latency

Our servers operate on very low-latency high speed networks to ensure fast response and loading times. Submarine cables built by industry leaders.



You can install a new operating or reinstall the current one with one click from the control panel. See a full list of Supported Operating Systems.


Network Level Security

Xitheon infrastructure will automatically detect various types of network threats to your systems including files & scripts that use the network to harm you.


Low Fingerprint

We do not collect any private information from users thus reducing our value and your exposure to hackers looking for information.

Powerful, high speed virtual private servers & web hosting plans in your desired location.

Xitheon operates on state-of-the art virtualization solutions in one of the world's leading data-centers to ensure that your hosted websites, applications, scripts, VPN networks & other web-related content are returned fast with the lowest latency possible.

Server speed limits vary depending on server type, from 100Mbps to 10 Gbps

Need a Storage VPS?

From $32 / month  0.003603 BTC  

Windows & Linux virtual private servers + open sourced & corporate software.

We offer installable images of genuine licensed Windows & Linux based operating systems as well as your favorite open-sourced & corporate web software such as Wordpress, Plesk, VestaCP, Virtualmin, OpenVPN and more.

See the full list of Supported Operating Systems


Web Control Panel

Manage your vps server from the control panel which allows you to connect to the Linux SSH terminal or Windows Remote Desktop and perform actions such as reboot, rescue, manage backups & firewall, view statistics, etc.

Additional Disks

Create additional storage disks (classic or ssd) and attach or detach them from any of your servers in just a few clicks. If your server is about to expire and you don't want to renew you can even store your files on one of these separate disks.


API Access

All users have access to the Xitheon API which will allow you to perform all of the actions from the Web Control Panel in your application or script. You can get your keys and enable or disable the API from the control panel.


Multiple Locations & Migration

You may deploy servers in multiple countries and cities around the globe including the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Australia & Singapore. You may optionally migrate your instance to another location from the Web Control Panel.

Our host is rapidly expanding and we expect to continue offering new locations as they become available.

Need a VPN?

Enforce your privacy & security.

Unmanaged Host

Xitheon is an unmanaged bitcoin VPS provider that does not interfere with your server in any way. We do however provide support in certain scenarios

Remote-Desktop & KVM

You can access your Windows remote desktop or Linux KVM from the control panel. This feature is available unrestricted, 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure you have complete access to your server at all times.

Alternatively (and recommended), you may access your server using your own RDP or SSH client such as the Windows Remote Desktop utility or Putty. Xitheon has published extensive documentation and support guides to help you should you experience any problems, please be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions and our Documentation.

Technical Support

You can expect support for payment, refund or network related issues.

Web Control Panel

All Xitheon servers include access to the control panel allowing you complete control & management of your server(s).

Encrypted Communications

We optionally offer support over encrypted e-mail to further protect your privacy, read more here.