Bitcoin VPS, remote desktops & web hosting:

Launch an anonymous Bitcoin VPS (virtual private server), remote desktop or web hosting plan with a btc payment in the country of your choice. Windows & Linux (RDP/KVM) systems are available with popular software options such as cPanel, Docker, Plesk, Wordpress, Virtualmin and more ready for installation. Xitheon services are billed by bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) hourly, monthly or yearly with no ID required, by only using your e-mail address and a bitcoin wallet. All vps servers launch instantly upon blockchain confirmation or from your pre-deposit Xitheon account balance.

Bitcoin VPS servers & web hosting available in United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Australia & Singapore. Pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai & USDC. Coinbase Commerce is also available as a payment gateway.

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VPS host that accepts bitcoin - Xitheon

Pay with Bitcoin:

We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for providing you with vps service & web hosting with additional support for Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai, and USDC. Xitheon will allow it's clients to pay with newer cryptocurrencies and digital assets (such as NFTs) as demand increases.


Instant server activation and launch:

Launch a new vps server instantly with just a few clicks. Your Xitheon server will automatically be installed and connected to the world wide web as soon as your transaction is confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain (or other crypto), or instantly from your pre-paid account.


Additional volumes, disks & dynamic storage:

Create additional bootable or non-bootable HDD/SSD disks (up to 4 TB per disk) and attach or detach any disk from any server you own with the data intact. Create a cold storage by using a vps server to move files to a disk before deleting the server, for example. Available in classic & high-speed.

What's a Bitcoin VPS? and why should you use Xitheon as your Bitcoin VPS provider?

A Bitcoin VPS is a virtual private server acquired with Bitcoin to reduce your risks and liabilities by protecting your privacy. Xitheon offers high speed unmetered vps & web hosting services over networks ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps in speed in exchange for Bitcoin. All services provided by Xitheon are DDoS protected by default with additional mitigation & vacuuming on stand by for your manual activation and your anonymity is ensured through the use of cryptocurrency and anonymous user registration with no id required. Buying web hosting & vps servers with bitcoin or other suitable cryptocurrencies without providing your ID, credit card or address ensures there is no connection to your person, which reduces the surface area of a fraud, hack or attack targeting you.


An e-mail address is required to register a Xitheon account, this is used to provide you with information regarding your server and payments. To remain anonymous you should create an e-mail address with an encrypted anonymous e-mail provider such as Proton mail.

Bitcoin VPS

NEED A cPanel VPS (WHM)?

Launch installed cPanel VPS instances using bitcoin. Includes a 14-day free trial of cPanel.

How to buy a Bitcoin VPS server & web hosting plan from Xitheon by using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and digital assets:

1.) Select your desired Bitcoin VPS plan

To begin buying VPS hosting with bitcoin select your desired vps hosting plan by heading over to the Xitheon Bitcoin VPS pricing page and clicking the configure button, a simple order form will guide you through the process.

2.) Select your desired location & server configuration

After selecting your hosting plan you will be permitted to choose your server's location, operating system (Windows and Linux based) and resources such as it's storage, cpu cores and ram. You may add additional disks later.

3.) Pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency

At the end of your service order you will be prompted to pay for your vps with bitcoin or one of our other supported cryptocurrencies by sending the displayed amount to the address generated for your payment through our bitcoin node or Coinbase.

4.) Server online upon transaction confirmation

As soon as your bitcoin payment is confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain (or other crypto chain) your Xitheon vps server will instantly be installed and activated and it's credentials sent to you over encrypted communication.

Mine cryptocurrencies using GPU (Tesla v100, GTX 1070 & 1080 Ti) equipped VPS servers

All Xitheon plans are capable of mining cryptocurrencies however we also offer the best vps servers for mining cryptocurrencies, powered by NVIDIA Tesla v100 (5120 CUDA Cores), GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti GPU chips. If you want to mine cryptocurrency on a vps server consider launching on Xitheon. We will not punish you if the card blows up.

GPU servers are also commonly used for media rendering, high speed data processing and other tasks that require high levels of computational power.

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Linux & Windows (KVM/RDP) based virtual private servers powered by your Bitcoin:

Xitheon offers installable images of genuine licensed Windows & Linux based operating systems (with KVM/RDP available in the browser via Web Control Panel) as well as your favorite open-sourced & corporate web software such as Wordpress, Plesk, VestaCP, Virtualmin, OpenVPN and more in exchange for a bitcoin payment (other cryptocurrencies also supported). Xitheon is routinely audited by Microsoft to ensure our licenses are authentic. Additionally, we regularly maintain our lists of operating system and software images to improve reliability and security.

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Web Control Panel

Manage your vps server from the control panel which allows you to connect to the Linux SSH terminal or Windows Remote Desktop and perform actions such as reboot, rescue, manage backups & firewall, view statistics, etc.


DDoS-Protected Network

Xitheon VPS servers are DDoS-protected from the moment your bitcoin payment is verified on the blockchain. Bullet proof hosting built to ensure your server stays online so you can focus on things that matter.


Prepaid Account

You can pre-deposit a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payment to pay for your vps servers and web hosting services, as well as automatically renew subscriptions. Funding your pre-paid balance allows you to launch servers without waiting.

Protect your privacy by buying VPN service with Bitcoin:

Launch an anonymous VPN on your own private server powered by Debian + OpenVPN. Xitheon allows you to pay for your Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies. Our VPNs are private and feature never shared IP addresses that are available in multiple countries and cities available around the globe including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Australia & Singapore. You retain SSH/Root access at all times.


Our host is rapidly expanding and we expect to continue offering new locations for VPN service as they become available.

Offshore Bitcoin Hosting

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Enforce your privacy & security.