Launch a VPS Server


Basic VPS

  • from $10/month
  • 0.001126 BTC

Compact virtual private servers suitable for hosting small to medium websites and running most web applications.


Balanced VPS

  • from $40/month
  • 0.004504 BTC

Performance balanced virtual private servers suitable for hosting high traffic websites, databases and applications.



  • from $60/month
  • 0.006756 BTC

High speed virtual private servers operating at 3.1 Ghz perfect for applications requiring high computing power.



  • from $60/month
  • 0.006756 BTC

Memory focused virtual private servers built for for memory intensive applications, scripts and databases.


Need a storage VPS server?

from $32 /month 0.003603 BTC

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch?

Your new vps server will be created instantly once the payment is confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain. If you do not want to wait for blockchain confirmation you can deposit funds into your account in advance, see Bitcoin Payments & Funding documentation.

Can I pay yearly?

Yes, you can pay either monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly. We are currently working on rolling out hourly and daily payments.

Which operating systems are available?

Xitheon offers Windows & Linux based operating systems including Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Ubuntu, Debian & Centos. Please see the Supported Operating Systems Documentation for more information.

Is there unlimited traffic and bandwith?

Yes, you can generate as much traffic as you'd like, we do not limit traffic or bandwith although your vps server will be restricted to it's advertised speeds.

How do I manage my server?

You can manage all of your Xitheon VPS servers from the Web Control Panel, which will allow you to reboot, reinstall, change the operating system, manage backups and more. View the Web Control Panel Documentation for more informattion.

Can I pay for my vps server with bitcoin?

Yes, in fact bitcoin is the only payment method Xitheon currently accepts as a vps provider. We currently have no plans of supporting other currencies.