VPS Pricing

Basic VPS Servers

Xitheon Basic VPS servers range from 2GB to 8GB in RAM and 1vCore to 4vCore in CPU. All basic servers are capped at 100 Mbps public and private network speed.


Balanced VPS Servers

Xitheon X-GEN series VPS servers are our most popular series, with a suitable balance of high performance computing & networking power.

Windows & Linux

High-CPU VPS Servers

The Xitheon X-CPU Series VPS servers are processor focused, operate at 3.1 Ghz, perfect for parallel data processing, crypto-currency mining and high-computational requirement tasks.

Windows & Linux

High-RAM VPS Servers

The Xitheon X-RAM Series VPS servers range from 15 GB to 240 GB of memory operate on Windows & Linux operating systems. Suitable for memory intensive applications & databases.

Windows & Linux


as low as $36 /month (Loading)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

In most cases Xitheon will not grant a refund, however if you believe you deserve your money back please open a support ticket and describe your situation.

What payment methods are accepted?

Bitcoin ONLY. Salute to the shapers of the new world.

Can I buy more storage space?

Yes you can create unlimited additional disks ranging from 10GB to 2TB in size. View the Disk Pricing page for more information.

What operating systems are available?

We carry a large selection of Windows & Linux based images including Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Archlinux & more. Multiple versions available. See Supported Operating Systems for more information.

Is there any customer support?

No not really. Xitheon will provide support if your server goes offline or if you suffer from a payment problem, apart from that there is no support service. 

Do you have hourly servers?

No not at this time, though we plan on rolling that out very soon. For now you can purchase a server monthly, quarter, twice a year or yearly before expiration.

How long after paying do I get my server?

Instantly! As soon as your payment is confirmed on the blockchain your server will be instantly created. If you would like to save yourself time you can deposit funds into your Xitheon Account so that you do not have to pay each time you deploy servers.

Do I need ID card?

No! Xitheon will never ask you for your name, address, credit card information or a photo of your ID, we respect your privacy!

Still have questions?!

If you still have questions regarding our servers please check out our Documentation and other resources located here on the website. You may also reach us via a support ticket in the Client Area or by e-mail.