There are many reasons why buying vps servers & web hosting with bitcoin payments instead of traditional cash is better, this article will go over 5 of them.

1.) Bitcoin protects your privacy

Buying a VPS server or web hosting can be a hassle. Many providers require a credit card, ID verification, physical address, e-mail confirmations and more before you can even think of ordering a server. And you have to trust them with this information. Then came bitcoin.

Using bitcoin to buy a VPS server or web hosting plan automatically eliminates this point of data collection. By using a decentralized immutable network that is the bitcoin blockchain the web host is able to verify your payments without collecting your private information (and being liable to store it securely), greatly reducing your order time to near instant.

From a security standpoint there is also a large reduction in the surface area of attack that may take place targeting you. Using Bitcoin virtually eliminates vulnerable points of attack by removing the collection of information which reduces ties to your person. The less references and connections from you to your server the better. If a thief wants to rob you he has to know where you live, right?


2.) Bitcoin is 24/7 

Banks close after hours and on weekends, putting any money kept in one in a freeze until the next business day. Bitcoin doesn’t have this problem. In an age where speed and uptime are critical for your server and web applications, having a payment gateway available that doesn’t close no matter what time of day or year it is ensures you never miss a payment.

Additionally you are able to pay from multiple bitcoin wallets without much fuss. Have you ever tried paying for an item or service in the “real world” using multiple credit cards? It’s usually always a hassle, if it can be done at all.


3.) Bitcoin is globally accepted and easily exchangeable

It doesn’t matter if you use dollars, yen, litecoin, ethereum or virtually any other digital asset, there are endless avenues to exchange it into bitcoin and ensure your vps servers and web hosting plans are always properly funded.


4.) Bitcoin makes it easy to track your transaction history

One thing many people find frustrating when dealing with subscription based services or web services is general is having to reference a previous payment or transaction. You have to login to this, login to that, search this, check that. It’s tedious and it’s annoying. Bitcoin simply doesn’t have that problem. You don’t even have to login anywhere, you can just search the wallet address you pay from in any bitcoin blockchain explorer and check the history. No one knows it’s your wallet.

This makes managing payments for services like web hosting extremely hassle-free and organized. You and the host will never have a disagreement about whether or not a payment was processed and neither of you will have a problem looking up this information in the future.


5.) Buying with bitcoin feels good

It just feels good paying with bitcoin. It’s cool, it’s invigorating, it’s motivating. It’s now.

What are you waiting for? Buy your next vps server or web hosting plan with bitcoin and reclaim your privacy.