Bitcoin Services

Web hosting services you can buy with bitcoin:

Xitheon offers a wide range of web hosting & vps services you can buy with bitcoin including vps servers, cryptocurrency mining vps , storage servers, web hosting plans and bitcoin vpn. Select an option below to get started.

VPS Servers

Host websites, remote desktops & applications

Web Hosting

High performance anonymous web hosting with cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP, WordPress & more

Bitcoin VPN

Buy anonymous VPN service with a bitcoin payment

Mining VPS

Mine cryptocurrency and perform parallel high-frequency computational tasks with GPU

Paying with bitcoin protects your identity. We do not ask for ID, name or credit card, only an e-mail address.

All Xitheon servers have are equipped with panel access so you can manage your service from your browser.

Services offered install automatically and launch instantly after your bitcoin payment is verified on the blockchain.