Buy cPanel VPS with Bitcoin

Launch a cPanel & WHM VPS (virtual private server) in the country of your choice using bitcoin. All Xitheon cPanel VPS servers come with a 14-day free trial which can be renewed with or a new trial can be started by reinstalling the system. No ID or private information required to start the trial, you can get started today with only a bitcoin payment.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel software built by cPanel, LLC which allows users to provision web hosting to individual client accounts using an extensive web graphical interface. Xitheon does not provide cPanel licenses, you must purchase a license directly from cPanel LLC. cPanel LLC may require private information to operate their software.

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Basic cPanel VPS Servers

Xitheon's Basic cPanel VPS Servers are small, compact and affordable while still capable of delivering.

Enterprise cPanel VPS Servers

Xitheon's Enterprise cPanel servers deliver powerful performance and offer higher resources for you to distribute as you see fit.

Be your own web host

cPanel & WHM vps servers allow you to be your web host, by allocating resources to individual websites, user & ftp accounts.


You are in full control of your server & it's administration, Xitheon does not interfere with or manage your services with us.Sefl Service

Private Servers

All Xitheon cPanel installations are performed on individual vps (virtual private servers) to ensure best performance.

Authentic cPanel + anonymous virtual private server infrastructure

All Xitheon cPanel installations are 100% genuine and authentic and provided on anonymous vps servers. Hosting cPanel on a Xitheon vps server reduces the surface area of attacks and malicious activity targeting you by eliminating the point of private information collection that normally occurs during the sale of web hosting service. Xitheon DOES NOT request, collect or store any private user information other than the e-mail address associated with the account.

While Xitheon does not request private information be mindful that cPanel does require you exchange your personal information with them in order to purchase one of their tiered licenses. Xitheon is not involved with any portion of their licensing process, it provides infrastructure.

Brower Cookies are necessary on this page

Browser Cookies are necessary  to effectively pre-select your options on the order form when you click on "Configure VPS". If you have cookies disabled you can still order a server but may experience visual glitches in price display.

Frequently Asked cPanel Hosting Questions:

What datacenter locations are available?

Xitheon cPanel VPS servers & plans are available in United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Australia & Singapore.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted?

You can pay for your service with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai & USDC. Additional cryptocurrencies and digital assets will be supported in the future.

Do I need to provide my ID or name?

No, Xitheon does not collect your private information or request your ID card, however in order to continue cPanel after it's free 14-day trial you will need to purchase a license from them which does usually require your private information.

Are there any other server configurations? can I get more power?

Yes, this web page is merely an interface to launching new virtual private servers with Xitheon, however you can install cPanel on any virtual private server from us by using our web control panel or manually on your own, including the  GPU equipped mining servers if you wanted.

Can I buy the cPanel license from Xitehon?

No, Xitheon does not sell cPanel licenses it only provide the server's virtual ware + cPanel & WHM installation service.

Can I resell hosting in cPanel with Xitheon?

Yes absolutely, you may sell hosting packages & plans with resources from your Xitheon server.

Is there any bandwith or traffic limit?

No! Xitheon provides virtually unlimited bandwith and network traffic.

How do I enable DDoS protection?

DDoS-protection is automatically enabled on all Xitheon services including cPanel servers. 

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