An Argentina based manufacturer for the nuclear power industry has just announced that it’s now using the bitcoin powered RSK block chain to manage sensitive documents & perform tracking in it’s infrastructure. Nuclearis, which operates in the United States, China & Argentina has also open-sourced the project to invite more usage and contribution in the nuclear power industry and abroad.

The RSK block chain is a merged-mining project that operates a sidechain on the bitcoin block chain to consume hash power from bitcoin.

“Part of the problem is that there are many intermediaries in this supply chain and parts of it are still paper-based,” – Nuclearis CTO Sebastian Martinez

Nuclearis CTO Sebastian Martinez mentions the problem of left over paper-based intermediaries being a driving force behind the project, saying “Part of the problem is that there are many intermediaries in this supply chain and parts of it are still paper-based” and “We hash the manufacturing documents and upload to the block chain at the point of creation of the steel part. Months or even years later, when we deliver the part, the power plant can check if everything digitally matches.”.

The nuclear sector in Argentina isn’t the only entity interesting in working with Bitcoin technology, the government of Argentina is also reportedly interested in adopting Nuclearis’s bitcoin block chain powered software solution in it’s own infrastructure.


“If you replace something like a pump from a primary circuit that has been radioactive for the last 50 years, you have to decommission it, get it out of the reactor and dismantle it.. — Traceability of that stuff is very important so it doesn’t turn up on some black market, or worse, finds its way into a dirty bomb.” –  Nuclearis CTO Sebastian Martinez

Though bitcoin technology is not entirely new to the nuclear industry, who has previously used the technology to prevent cyberattacks on nuclear infrastructure, it is a new form of adoption. Interesting developments, no doubt.


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